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Proactive Security for
Peace of Mind

In today's digital landscape, you know the stakes have never been higher. Cyber threats evolve relentlessly, and your organization's data and reputation are on the line.  

Smart, simple security goes beyond traditional endpoint protection. It requires proactively monitoring your risk and prioritizing strategic security updates in areas with the most impact—all without compromising on ease and cost. 

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Fortify with a proactive security solution for peace of mind. 


An Effective Defense Starts with Offense:
Why Adopt A Risk-First Philosophy  

Technology alone will not solve your security issues. Modern organizations like yours require an advanced cybersecurity solution to effectively defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.  

To succeed, you need a specialized taskforce that understands the relationship between your unique organizational vulnerabilities and the tools and techniques that will have the greatest impact on your risk management priorities. 

Lead the Charge towards Cyber Resiliency


Whether you’re a Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), IT Manager, or another technology decision maker at your organization, you’re up against myriad challenges to achieving cyber resiliency. 

From a lack of internal resources to a rising tide of compliance requirements, technology leaders are increasingly expected to do more with less—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your complex IT environment requires specialized knowledge and skills along with sophisticated tools to ensure optimal performance. UDT can help.

Your Partner On The Front Lines Of Cybersecurity

UDTSecure™ is our complete portfolio of cyber risk management and information security products and services adaptable to your unique environment.

Feel confident in UDT. UDTSecure is backed by a team of cybersecurity consultants with expertise developed over decades of experience across the cybersecurity landscape. We partner with the leading cybersecurity technology providers to deliver and support complete solutions. We’re also certified by the major authorities in the cyber industry, so you can count on the quality of our work and solutions.




Our Philosophy: Risk > Technology. UDT’s philosophy on cybersecurity is focused on risk, not technology. Our approach is holistic. We evaluate risk by looking at the whole picture, identifying where we need to act to make the most impactful improvements to your security posture.    

Why It Works: Strategically Led Solutions. Technology alone is not going to solve your security problems. That's why we don’t push technology as a one-size-fits-all Band-Aid solution. Instead, we lead with strategy. 

Improve Your Security Posture with UDTSecure™ Solutions—Smart, Simple Security

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Score Your Risk 

Our specialized taskforce leverages proprietary risk evaluations that measure and score your risk according to key indicators.

We then assess and prioritize based on impact to provide direction for our strategic recommendations, including wrapping specific technologies with the right preventative measures to ensure resiliency and compliance.

Your risk profile and metrics are always accessible through our team.

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What You Get With UDT 

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Full-Coverage With 1 Partner. Cut out the risks involved with balancing multiple partners. Get the hardware you need and the technology solutions and services that make it resilient all in one place.

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Strategy & Advisory Services. Understand your risk and compliance requirements while uncovering critical gaps in your current security programs. 

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Custom Approach. We tailor our approach by categorizing and prioritizing systems and/or user groups according to their risk level, regulatory requirements, and your business needs. 

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Attack & Resiliency Services. Prepare your organization for potential cyberattacks and ensure a quick response and effective recovery from security incidents, reducing disruption and downtime. 

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Managed Security. Unify the tools and expertise you need to confidently outsource the 24/7 monitoring and management of your security systems and processes, freeing up your internal teams.

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Cyber Risk Management Programs. Integrate an array of expert consulting and managed services tailored to programmatically support your unique cybersecurity priorities. 

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Applied Cybersecurity Solutions. Systematically remediate vulnerabilities, mitigate potential security risks and deploy capabilities that protect critical systems and information assets. 

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Reporting & Analytics. Gain the comprehensive, actionable insights required to make informed decisions that optimize your cybersecurity posture with our comprehensive reporting dashboard. 

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A Team On Your Side. With solutions across Cybersecurity, Managed Services, Lifecycle Management, and IT Modernization, UDT is ready to support you as your organization—and needs—grow. 

Global Partners 


500+ Clients



Let’s Accomplish More, Together 

Contact UDT today and gain a partner on the front lines of cybersecurity. For over 25 years, we’ve helped organizations like yours navigate the challenges of keeping your valuable data and information out of the hands of cybercriminals and other bad actors. We have your back.

For more information on UDTSecure™, fill out the form, contact your UDT account representative, call (800) 882-9919 or visit us at 

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