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Discover Your Strategy for Sustainable 1:1 Digital Learning

Free Resources for Education Technology Leaders 

Education IT leaders are managing increasingly complex digital learning environments. Find guidance with resources designed to help you face today’s biggest challenges in K12. 

Achieve more with an optimized and supported technology strategy.



The Education landscape is changing. Generative AI, improved digital classroom technologies, and the demands of a post-COVID world have all accelerated the need for a sustainable 1:1 device strategy. Sunsetting ESSER funds have put a further squeeze on pursuing this initiative. 

To help education leaders navigate the challenges, UDT and our partners will present a series of resources covering every facet of building and executing a successful 1:1 digital learning strategy, from securing your devices to balancing maintenance and support needs with limited budgets. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 | 2:00pm - 3:00pm (ET)


The Real Cost of Your K12 Device Program: How to Optimize Budgets

Tuesday, August 20, 2024 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM EST

Education leaders may be skilled in the art of doing more with less, but as ESSER funding begins to sunset and K12 devices reach their end of life post-COVID, school districts will have their work cut out for them. Leaders must be ready to watch budgets more closely than ever as they navigate the large-scale device refreshes required to maintain sustainable 1:1 digital learning initiatives across our nation's schools. Join this webinar and hear from device lifecycle expert, Hunter Valk, as he illustrates the real costs associated with your K12 device program, including how schools can optimize available funding to maximize impact.

In this session, we'll cover the following:

  • Budget Breakdown: Define the areas of your device program budget, with examples.
  • Strategies for Longevity: Examine the impact of services on device longevity.
  • Logistics: Understand the pros/cons of internal vs. external management and services.
  • Funding Opportunities: Explore funding considerations and available resources.


Hunter Valk-modified

Hunter Valk
UDT Lifecycle Management Presales Solutions Manager

Take on your next device refresh with our guide.

Four years after the pandemic, school districts are now readying up to conduct their next large-scale device refresh. If you’re an education leader whose goal is to choose the right device for every learner, then UDT’s 2024 K12 device strategy guide can help.  Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • An understanding of the K12 device/OS debate
  • Student and staff device considerations with device examples
  • Insights on budget, repair/refresh cycles, and accessories
  • Strategies for achieving a sustainable, predictable device program
  • And more!

Download your free copy now to start developing your device refresh plan.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 | 2:00pm - 3:00pm (ET)


Fortifying Your K12 School District: Navigating Cyber Threats & Compliance in 2024

The Education sector is a top target for cyber-attacks. Join our panel of Education security experts as we delve into the multifaceted challenges posed by the compliance and cybersecurity landscape of K12 school districts. Our experts will provide insights and strategies to combat escalating cyber threats in Education, especially for blended and remote learning environments. 

Participants will learn best practices for securing their digital ecosystem—including how to optimize risk management across their devices and infrastructure—as well as how to drive sustainable cybersecurity practices among staff, administrators, and key stakeholders. 

In this session, we'll cover the following:

  • Device Maintenance: Gain insights into how your school district’s device maintenance and refresh policies can contribute to your  cybersecurity strategy.
  • Access, Compliance, and Security: Learn the art of maintaining balance between access, compliance, and security across your digital learning environment.
  • Sustainable Cybersecurity: Discover ways to establish a sustainable and effective cybersecurity posture, even when resources and funds are limited


George Fernandez
VP of Managed Solutions, UDT

Ash Sumer
Sr. Security Technical Specialist, Microsoft US Education

Moderator – Kevin Hogan
Content Director, eSchool News

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RFP Writing for School Districts: How to Get What You Really Want from Device Procurement

This webinar discusses the challenges faced by school districts as many K12 devices, adopted for remote and hybrid learning four years ago, are reaching their end-of-life. This webinar provides expert advice on writing an effective device procurement RFP post-ESSER. It covers key topics such as identifying personas, considering device aspects like security, functionality, durability, compatibility, and support needs, best practices for articulating procurement requirements, understanding device refresh and management expenses by balancing hard and soft costs, and showcasing examples of well-executed and improvable RFPs.

james andrews-modified

James Andrews
UDT Director, LCM Strategic Development


How School Districts can Achieve a Sustainable Device Break/Fix Model After ESSER

The 1:1 device initiatives in school districts face a significant challenge with break/fix issues, as students across all grade levels contribute to high breakage rates. This leads to unpredictable repair and replacement costs for districts managing device fleets. The situation is expected to become more challenging in the post-ESSER landscape, adding more strain on the districts. To address this, this webinar will help you to understand how to tackle these break/fix issues within the context of an overall device refresh strategy, aiming for the most cost-effective and sustainable outcomes.

Hunter Valk-modified

Hunter Valk
UDT Lifecycle Management Presales Solutions Manager


How to Leverage 'Back to School' Personas to Build Your Device Refresh Strategy

The pandemic led to an acceleration in 1:1 device initiatives across school districts, with many purchasing readily available devices for immediate use by students and staff. Four years on, these schools are now facing the need for large-scale device refreshes, presenting an opportunity for more strategic adjustments to their device strategy. This webinar will discuss how school districts can utilize 'back to school personas' to identify key groups within their digital ecosystem. By understanding the unique requirements of these groups, schools can develop a more informed, strategic, and refined device strategy for their post-ESSER refresh.

james andrews-modified

James Andrews
UDT Director, LCM Strategic Development


Fortifying Your K12 School District: Navigating Cyber Threats & Compliance in 2024

The education sector, a prime target for cyber-attacks, is set to benefit from a panel discussion featuring security experts who will explore the complex compliance and cybersecurity issues facing K12 school districts. This panel will offer valuable insights and strategies to counter increasing cyber threats, particularly in blended and remote learning scenarios. Attendees will gain knowledge on optimal risk management across their digital ecosystem, including devices and infrastructure, and learn how to foster sustainable cybersecurity practices among staff, administrators, and key stakeholders.

George Fernandez
VP of Managed Solutions, UDT

Ash Sumer
Sr. Security Technical Specialist, Microsoft US Education


Unlock your pathway to innovation with our guide.

Building 1:1 digital learning environments is a complex journey. To help you achieve the best outcomes, UDT & Intel have collaborated to gather key insights from seasoned CIOs, CTOs, educational leaders, and educators. Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Personalized workbook to help you identify target areas to improve your 1:1 programs
  • A student-centered, decision-making Framework covering 6 key focus areas
  • A self-assessment to guide your journey
  • Details on how to create your custom action plan
  • And more!

Download your free copy now to start developing your personalized action plan.

Did you Know? UDT is an Apple Authorized Service Provider

As a cross-OEM certified and OS-agnostic technology solutions provider, UDT can procure, configure, manage, and repair your preferred technology while supporting the unique needs of Education. See our Lifecycle Services to learn more. 

Optimize Your Category 2 E-Rate Funding with MIBS.

Selecting Managed Internal Broadband Services (MIBS) over Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections (BMIC) offers advantages for school districts seeking to get the most out of their E-Rate funds. Find out what makes MIBS the better choice:

  • Know how the E-Rate program distinguishes MIBS vs. BMIC
  • Understand how MIBS can help your school district’s challenges
  • Identify the top advantages of MIBS vs. BMIC
  • Learn how to include MIBS in your E-Rate application
  • And more!

Feel empowered by developing an informed and optimized E-Rate strategy.

Discover E-Rate Made Easy 

Check out our E-Rate Hub for more resources and guidance on how to make the most of available funding for your school district.

Accomplish More With UDT 

Optimize your technology investment with UDT.  

Achieve secure, sustainable digital learning with tailored Education technology solutions. Benefit from specialized, comprehensive support across digital classroom, device management, managed security, connectivity, E-Rate services, and more.

With a proven reputation for delivering full-coverage technology and IT solutions to K12 districts around the nation, UDT’s robust solutions portfolio—which spans device, network, and security—is designed to support sustainable, equitable learning at the lowest possible cost. 


What You Get With UDT 

Lifecycle Services. Get out of the PC business. Gain sustainable endpoint productivity, insights, and performance with expert knowledge and tools at a predictable cost. 

Managed Repair & Warranty.
Minimize downtime due to broken laptops, tablets, and hardware. Protect your investment with managed repair and warranty management services.  

Apple Authorized Provider.
Keep your iPads, MacBooks, and other devices running smoothly with comprehensive repair and fleet management services and enterprise-class support. 

Cross-OEM Certified Provider.
Experience peace of mind by working with a cross-OEM authorized partner. Get the devices you want and the support you need from a single provider. 

Connectivity & Communications.
Reduce downtime. Keep administration, teachers, and students connected with managed Internet access, WAN, firewall, and voice services.


School Safety. Safeguard your classrooms with applied technology, complex communication, detection, alert systems, and a real-time emergency events management system. 

Interactive Displays & Devices.
Remove equity gaps. Create personalized learning experiences with next-generation technologies designed for student engagement. 

Reporting & Analytics.
Eliminate the guesswork and gain actionable insights from our detailed reporting dashboard. Make data-informed decisions that optimize your technology resources. 

A Team On Your Side.
UDT is ready to support your organization with solutions across Cybersecurity, Managed Services, Lifecycle Management, Cloud & Data Center. 

Contact UDT today to achieve more with an optimized and supported technology strategy.
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